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Beth Corr, and more recently, Joanne Portnoy of Wag Tail Farm have been taking care of our dogs for the past six years. They are wonderful!

We first worked with Beth when we had a year-old dog named B.B. Unfortunately, shortly before we hired Beth, B.B. became sick with an illness the vets could only diagnose as an unknown autoimmune disease. B.B. had his good days and his bad ones. Beth was kind, caring, and most of all flexible. We could call her in the morning and tell her B.B. wasn’t doing well, and she would shift her schedule so she could check in on him a couple of times a day. When B.B. died at 2 ½, Beth mourned with us.

Then we got, Hank, a small poodle mix whom we adopted from a shelter. Hank had evidently been abused by the man in the home he came from, so he was very wary of most people. Beth worked with him, getting him to trust her slowly. Now we have a set routine in place, and a very happy, healthy dog.

In sum, the folks at Wag Tail Farm are kind, loving dog people who are responsible and trusting. In the six years we have worked with them, they have been nothing but helpful and responsible. We look forward to a continued relationship with them. We can’t recommend them more highly.


Lori Breslow & John Belcher, Newton, MA


I can't say enough wonderful things about Wag Tail Farm. My biggest concern when getting our puppy was who would care for her when we were away. Wag Tail has been the answer and has surpassed our expectations. You cannot imagine the tail-wagging glee when they come to pick up Jessie for her play groups. She is so excited each and every time; it's obvious she has an absolute blast! The farm (which we have visited) for boarding is gorgeous. My own vacation spots should be so nice. The door to door service is a wonderful convenience.

Best of all though are Beth and Joanne, two caring individuals who know their dogs and bestow all the love and attention you could possibly want for your pet. They have been incredibly flexible and helpful when unexpected circumstances arose and have always been willing to take Jessie whenever we needed. They have accommodated our exacting diet for Jessie and supported our work in training her.

Knowing Wag Tail is there for you takes all the stress out of pet ownership. We are so pleased with their service and am sure you will be too.

Susan Frankl, Brookine, MA


When we got our golden retriever, Cody, a year and a half ago, we quickly realized how important it was for him to socialize with other dogs. It was also clear that Cody needed a lot of outdoor exercise, something which was not easy to achieve, given our busy family and their schedules.

Wagtail Farm was recommended to us by one of our neighbors as a way of not only getting Cody the exercise he needed but also providing a wonderful place to board him when we go away. Without a doubt, Wagtail Farm has been the best thing we've done since we got our dog!

When Beth and Joanne come to pick Cody up for exercise or boarding, he gets more excited than we ever see him. They are wonderful with Cody and it is clear upon his return that he has been well taken care of.

We never worry about Cody when he is with Beth or Joanne! They provide a very needed service and are extremely professional and caring! One of the best aspects of their business is how flexible they are if we need to reschedule or if we make a last minute decision to go away. They have always accommodated us in a very pleasant way.

We are more than happy to recommend Wagtail Farm and we know that if Cody could speak, he would too!!

Tania and Michael Gray, Brookline, MA


I consider myself, and my dogs Jazz (now in dog heaven) and Stormy, extremely lucky to have been and to continue to be involved with Beth and Wag Tail Farm, since its inception. Beth and Joanne are reliable, warm, dog-loving people who interact equally well with owners and with dogs.

I am never happy to leave my dog, but know that when I go on vacation, Stormy is truly on a vacation of his own. Stormy runs to the door, tail wagging wildly, when anyone from Wag Tail comes to take him to play or to board. When he returns from his walks or his stays with Beth, he is happy and tired. His transition back home is seamless.

When my first dog, Jazz, became ill, I was touched by how sad Beth and Joanne felt. When Jazz could no longer go on walks, they stopped by to take him out or just to say hello to him. He loved them so much that despite feeling sick, he ran to the door to greet them. When he died, Beth and Joanne really mourned and were very supportive to me.

I have nothing but good things to say, and feel grateful that when I work and vacation that Stormy is in such good hands.

Jennifer Meyerhardt, Needham, MA

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